Improving Git command access in IntelliJ

It’s been over a year now since I switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ. Every day I enjoy the simplicity and power this IDE brings to me.

In this short article I’ll show you how you can improve your IntelliJ experience when using IntelliJ with Git source code management. First of all IntelliJ comes with Git integration out of the box. So there’s no plugin installation needed. Unfortunately some of the most commonly used Git commands like Merge and Pull are hidden deeply inside the extensive VCS menu hierarchy. And there is no shortcut predefined which makes it even a little bit more annoying. In order to speed up Git command access you need frequently open the Settings dialog (CTRL + ALT + S) and navigate to “Quick Lists” or start typing “Quick Lists” in the search input field to find the settings. Add a new list by clicking on the green “+” sign. Give it a significant name, e.g. “Git Commands”. Now click the green “+” button on the right side of the dialog to add the commands you would like to access via this quick list. In the new dialog navigate to Main menu – VCS – Git and select the command you would like to add, e.g. “Pull”. Repeat this step for other menu commands you use frequently. If you’re done hit the Apply button to save your new quick list.

Quick Lists
Configuring Quick Lists

Now you need to configure a shortcut to access the quick list. In the IDE settings area on the left side choose “Keymap”. Open the Quick Lists folder on the right and select your quick list. Press the right mouse button on the quick list to bring up the context menu and select “Add Keyboard Shortcut”. Choose a shortcut you like, IntelliJ will warn you if it is in use already. Hit OK to confirm your selection. Close the settings dialog.

Adding a keyboard shortcut

Now if you press the keyboard shortcut your quick list will show up and you are able to instantly access your Git commands.